JSOC roofing Hayden Ware

Hayden W.

Founder and Owner

The owner and founder of JSOC roofing, Hayden was born in raised here in the heart of Oklahoma City.

With a strong background in the military, specifically serving as an infantry team leader in the 75th Ranger Regiment. He is a combat veteran with experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in challenging situations.

In the energy sector, Hayden worked as a MWD operator, ensuring accurate measurements and data collection. He also served as an operations/safety manager at Bison Oil Field Services, implementing streamlined processes and maintaining high operational standards.

In the construction industry, Hayden was a founding member and operations manager at Ranger Roofing, successfully coordinating multiple projects and maintaining quality standards. Currently the owner of JSOC Roofing, applying his business administration expertise to manage all aspects of the company, He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma.

In his spare time Hayden enjoys spending time with his wife Samantha, their daughter Brynna and son Asys.


Dustin S.

OSHA Coordinator/Operations manager

Dustin is passionate about safety, security, and protecting assets.

He has a proven track record in loss prevention, safety management, and employee well-being

In his previous assignments he has assisted in loss prevention strategies at, reducing shrinkage by 25% and conducting investigations that resulted in the recovery of $100,000+ in stolen merchandise.

6. As the Safety and Security Manager JSOC Roofing, he developed and implemented safety protocols, resulting in a 40% decrease in workplace accidents while revamping security systems to enhance the protection of critical infrastructure.
Dustin has managed emergency response plans and conducted drills to ensure preparedness. While developing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

As the OSHA Coordinator at JSOC Roofing, he ensures compliance with OSHA regulations, leading to zero safety violations while developing and delivering safety training programs, reducing workplace accidents by 20%.

In his spare time, he enjoys being outdoors with his two dogs, Beckett and Katy.


Dustin S.
Matthew R

Matthew R.

Chief Personnel Officer

Matthew has been making personnel decisions in high level positions for over a decade and his work history speaks for itself

A Native of Memphis, Tennessee he graduated with his bachelors degree from the University of Memphis, and subsequently joined the United States Army to serve as a commissioned officer in a time of war.

People who find themselves under his per-view are always given enough freedom to make mistakes so that they have the ability to be dynamic and succeed where others can’t and sometimes won’t.

When you choose to hire JSOC roofing, you’re hiring the experience and expertise Matthew’s ability to source and hire the right individuals to complete the work in an exemplary manner.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys the outdoors and hiking with his dog Wrigley, a homage to the greatest baseball team of all time, the Chicago Cubs.


Matthew K.

Claims Consultant

In a different life Matthew was field artillery officer in the United States Army where he honed his skills demonstrating strong leadership, discipline, and problem-solving.

Since then he has spent nearly 20 years as an insurance adjuster working for major insurance companies, successfully handling complex claims, negotiating settlements, and building strong relationships with clients and colleagues.

His current role at JSOC Roofing is as an insurance total loss consultant, where he utilizes his expertise to ensure maximum payout on homeowners claims providing exceptional customer service and support throughout the process.

Matthew possesses strong analytical and critical thinking abilities, allowing him to assess property damages, estimate losses, and determine fair payouts.

His excellent negotiation skills, advocating for clients’ best interests while maintaining positive relationships with all parties involved. Attention to detail is one of his strengths, meticulously reviewing policy documents, assessing damages, and documenting evidence for accurate and fair claim evaluations.

Additionally, he is proficient in industry-specific software and tools, has proven ability to work independently and collaboratively, and possesses strong time management skills for timely and accurate completion of tasks.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and adult children, it is an avid swordsman.


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