The Most Reliable Veteran owned roofing company in Oklahoma

Hi, I’m Hayden the owner of JSOC Roofing. As a local veteran owned small business, we know the importance of getting the most value out of a purchase or investment

The namesake for my company JSOC (joint special operations construction) is a homage to my time in the military spent in JSOC (joint special operations command) where the most elite units are housed under the umbrella of the department of defense.

-Delta force (CAG)
-Seal team 6 (DEVGRU)
-75th Ranger Regiment (TF Red)
-160th (SOAR)

Here at JSOC Roofing, I have compiled what I believe to be the best of the best exterior contractors working under the umbrella of my local veteran owned small business.

Jose Guerrero, Owner
‘Jose construction LLC’
17 years roofing experience

Ramon De Lara
‘The Siding Guy LLC’
16 years experience siding/Gutters

Adrian De Loera
21 years experience exterior/interior painting

A recent law passed in November 2022 no longer allows for roofing contractors to credit insurance deductibles. While JSOC can no longer credit your deductible, it can add value to our products and services in ways that a larger roofing company will not or cannot.

-Upgrading your shingle
-Helping making your home energy efficient with radiant barrier application
-Offering a lifetime warranty on labor and material
-exterior design consult for the stylistically challenged
-A personal touch boutique service found only available with the most personalized companies

When you hire a specialized service like JSOC, you can rest assured that we are licensed, bonded (if necessary) and insured properly in the state of Oklahoma. We stand behind the quality of our work and payment is not remitted until the customer is satisfied.

We appreciate any and every opportunity afforded by our patrons as well as those who support the Veterans of this country. It’s.

Jesus Saves, God bless y’all, Rangers lead the way!

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